Stop Motion Video "Her Morning Elegance" – Ein Plagiat oder nicht?

Stop Motion Video vom Feinsten. Ich bin sprachlos.

Offenbar ist die Idee aber schon früher von Mitchell Rose aufgegriffen worden und der findet „die Kopie“ überhaupt nicht toll. So entsteht eine Diskussion um Urheberrecht.


Hier das Orginal, das schon länger auf Youtube veröffentlicht ist.


Mitchell Rose hat darum bei Swissmiss den folgenden Kommentar hinerlassen.

Hi –This is Mitchell Rose, the filmmaker of „Case Studies from the Groat Center for Sleep Disorders“ referred to above as the obvious source for the idea for the video „Her Morning Elegance.“ (And also of „Learn to Speak Body“ which I see is featured on the next page of this blog.) In response to Jo’s comment: „The point is that it does not matter where you take this from as where you take them to..“ I have to disagree. From the point of view of the world of viewers, it’s understandable to have the attitude „Show me great films and I don’t want/need to know where they come from.“ As a filmmaker, my point of view is, I came up with this idea and it’s wrong for someone else to profit from my idea. I’m an independent filmmaker producing his own work at his own expense. It’s not easy to eek out a living doing this. So how do you think I feel when all of a sudden I start getting emails from people saying, You should sue them. When a film like this achieves this type of success, opportunities emerge — the filmmakers will get calls from various companies now inquiring about paying gigs. I could use some paying gigs. This is not the first time this has happened to me. I’ve seem other clear ripoffs of my work play in prime time national TV broadcasts, making the filmmakers famous. It’s extremely frustrating. So I’m sorry, it does matter where you „TAKE this from.“ Intellectual property — ideas — are all an artist has.Thanks for reading.

Plagiat oder nicht? Ich verfolge die meiner Ansicht nach berechtigte Diskussion.


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